Greennovative Chain

Sustainable and Innovative Value Chain Solutions


Who are we?

Greennovative Chain is an energy and environmental consulting firm. We support the development and deployment of clean energy solutions. We are dedicated to delivering both financial and environmental benefits to our Clients.


Our Client services include:

- Conducting facility carbon and energy audits using established standards and GHG accounting protocols

- Establishing carbon reduction and energy management plans

- Preparing carbon credit project documentation for CDM, VCS and GS approved methodologies

- Managing clean energy project development

- Creating sustainable supply chain strategies


We pursue and embark upon project initiatives that allow demonstration of research, innovation, analysis, training and project management skills proven by several of successful industry achievements.


Teaming Arrangements


Greennovative Chain and ERM have a teaming arrangement to provide joint consulting services in clean energy development, international carbon financing mechanisms, and carbon assessments, directed specifically to private sector and public clients in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan African countries. Further information on offered services can be downloaded here.


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